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Hi! I'm Master Roshi. You probably know me from Dragon Ball Z. I love the female form and cute, petite 3D characters. I know that I'm not the only one.
That's why I created this community!
bulma being harassed by Roshi
I'm a bit older and it's not easy to get beautiful women like Bulma to strip naked for me these days, in fact I discovered that real women bring me nothing but problems, so I became addicted to sex dolls. They have the perfect female form.
They are always ready and they are always there for me. They are the perfect companion.

loli sex doll being harassed by Roshi
No complaining, no problems, no drama and tons of pleasure. Just how I like it!
Now it's my quest to create a paradise for like-minded folks like me! We can collect loli orphans from the loli orphanage, create sex doll porn and share it. You can upload sexy videos and pictures here. If you are not into sex dolls, no problem, we also love 3D porn in this place.
As long as it's not real, it's fine. Welcome and Enjoy :).

bulma being harassed by Roshi P.S If you want to know why exactly I created Roshi Paradise and why I choose this concept, please read this topic

The rules in this place are simple.
1. You can only share fictional, 3D porn. Real porn is not allowed (especially not CP).
2. Be nice. Trolls and haters are not allowed in this community.
3. No self-promotion. There is only one vendor allowed (Loli Orphanage). However, you are allowed to sell videos that you made with dolls purchased from our shop.
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    Nov 6, 2021
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