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Transgender kids question

Mr Seek

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So I watched an episode of TLC about transgender children. So I wanted to ask and see what everyone's opinions on that were. From a preferential standpoint I prefer loli but I've seen some shota in dresses that have been attractive. As far as what I think about it in general I don't see an issue with it so long as surgery is postponed until the child is much older and able to make that kind of decision. But as far as the way they choose to dress an act I see no issue. I'm curious to see everyone else's opinions on this.

Cyber Dragon

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I strongly advise against puberty blockers or surgery until they're old enough to make that choice themselves. Granted I know that in itself has it's own caveats but overall I think it's more healthy that way. Having several friends who are trans I know that the suicide rate for them is about %50 and that's a real shame all things considered. If they choose to present as the other gender I have no problem with that. Shotas that present as loli are good in my book since I like them too even though I'm primarily into lolis.
Happy Rosh