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Why I created Roshi paradise


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I am the creator of Roshi Paradise.

My story

Basically I am passionate about the female form and cute body shapes. I love Hentai, Anime and Art. Roshi Paradise is simply a reflection of what I'm passionate about and my experiences :D.
Here people can enjoy and upload sexy content. However, it's also a positive place where you can fully be yourself without being judged.

I strongly believe in freedom of expression. One should be able to fully express what they feel. You should also be free to fantasize. With sex dolls and 3D art you can fully be yourself and express whatever you feel and think. You don't have to worry about negative consequences or about being rejected.

The problem I personally had with "real women" is that a lot of times they made me feel like I'm not good enough or not worthy of their affection. I often couldn't be myself.
The modern woman (especially in Eastern and Western countries) have ridiculously high standard where if you don't look or act a certain way then you can just forget it. It can be very frustrating for a man and that's why we need alternatives that empower us.

It's not worth it to chase women in the hope to find love or pleasure because more often than not you will end up feeling disappointed. It's not easy to find a good partner and it's not worth it to chase women and lose your dignity in the process. That is my own logical conclusion, of course there are plenty of men who might not agree with me, but I suppose this community is for men who feel the same way. Men who also experienced too much heartache, rejection, financial losses and drama when trying to find love or pleasure.

One should not rely on a real person for sexual pleasure because you often will end up lowing yourself for it especially if you have not find the right person yet. I believe it's very empowering if you find a way to pleasure yourself both physically and emotionally without needing another person, so that you can be free and independent. We can do that by both becoming wiser and looking for constructive outlets for our sexual energy (such as sex dolls and 3D erotica). With a sex doll you don't have to worry about contracting a sexual disease, being rejected, being cheated on or being stabbed in the back (sorta speak). It's a safe way to explore your sexuality, creativity and love.

Why Roshi

I identify with Roshi because he is depicted as a wise old man who also happens to be a bit of a pervert. I grew a lot as a person and I feel that my wisdom helps me stay positive most of the time and it helps me appreciate and enjoy life. It also empowers me and helps me deal with negative situations. By staying focused and positive we can overcome almost any obstacle in life. I had my own fair share of obstacles. Like Roshi, I have a very high libido and I used to chase women and get painfully rejected (just like Roshi). I suppose you could say that I was too desperate and it brought me a lot of misery, but it also showed me how important it is to go within and find peace. What I really always wanted, was to be free and to be loved. Free to be myself and free to express my sexuality & creativity. The truth is, it's very hard to find a person that accepts you for who you are. That's why it's important that you accept yourself. And chasing girls just for some sexual pleasure can most certainly be a negative experience (STDs, risk of losing your positive reputation, rejection, financial losses, drama, embarrassment, sexual performance anxiety, having to pretend to like a girl when you really just can't stand her and the list goes on and on). It often means having to lower yourself in some way and it's just simply not worth it. It's better to be sexually independent.

I like to think that Roshi could have found a better and more constructive way to deal with his huge libido. If he could have access to sex dolls and 3D porn then he could just express his sexuality and love without having to deal with rejection and without having to embarrass himself. I think if he takes this path it would make him more respectable and it would create an even better life for him.

I think a lot of people can identify with Roshi and a lot of people just want to be themselves.

With that said, I believe Roshi Paradise can be a place of fun, healing and freedom. I hope you all enjoy your stay here :).
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